Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here are some photos from my Super Bowl/Crafting Party
Unfortunately because of all the fun I forgot to take photos of the food. My menu consisted of: Meat Lovers Pizza, Deviled Eggs, Cheeseburger Sliders on Sweet rolls, Potato Skins, chips and dip, and a homemade 5 Layer Dip.

Party Decorations

Giants Fans = Happy

Patriots Fans = Not So Happy 

The Ladies

 Ms Ash and Mrs Elliott working on their Rose Petal Balls

 Mrs. Taylor working on her daughter's hairpiece

 Tina's super chic cuffs and hairpiece

Anna's motto "The bigger the bow the closer to God!"

Me wearing Harujuku Ninity

This really was an awesome party w/ so many fun things going at once. Stay tuned for my next crafting party. I think we will do spring themed crafts. (since winter has yet to make it Detroit)

Breakfast in Bed Felt Food Tutorial

My friend's 2 daughters are turning 3 and 4 and I thought that a felt food set (my latest obsession) would make an awesome gift for the little ladies. I decided to make a Breakfast in Bed set for them. In this felt food tutorial you will learn to make 2 pancakes, 2 fried eggs and 2 sausage links.

You Will Need
1 pc of tan felt
1 pc of dark brown felt
1 pc of bright yellow felt
1 pc of white
coordinating thread
sewing needle
poly-fiber stuffing
sewing machine (optional)

PannyCakes (Pancakes)

1) Using a small circular object (I used a powdered baby milk can) trace 4 circles onto tan felt. Cut circles out.

2) Take yellow felt and cut out 2 small squares for butter pat. On dark brown felt freehand cut 2 syrup drizzles.

3) Hand stitch butter pat to syrup drizzles.

4) Machine sew top layer of pancake to bottom layer. Leaving about a  1 inch opening.

5) Stuff lightly with poly-fiber and continue to sew closed.

Fried Eggs

1) Cut 4 egg shapes from white felt. I cut 2 comma shaped eggs and 2 round shapes.

2) On yellow felt trace and cut out 2 small yellow rounds for the egg yolks. (no photo)
3) Handstitch 1 yolk to the top layers of both egg whites leaving a small opening for stuffing.

4) Stuff and continue closing.

5) Machine stitch top layer to bottom layer.

Sausage Links

1) Using dark brown felt cut out 2 rectangles. Mines are about 2 inches wide by 4 inches long.

2) Machine stitch the long sides of the rectangle together      forming a tube.

3) Hand sew one end the tube together tightly.

4) Run the needle through the stitched end loosely and pull tightly.

5) Secure loose stitch by knotting and then flip inside out so that the seams are now hidden inside the tube (forgot the picture).

6) Stuff

7) Gather opened end and stitch close giving the sausage a natural casing look.

Ready For Breakfast In Bed!

 * Don't forget to check out my tutorial of Faux Pop Tarts/ Toaster Pastries.

Don't have much free time but want a Breakfast In Bed felt food set for a special kid? Email and for a small fee I can whip one up for you.

This tutorial is for personal uses only. Please don't use for the purposes of resale.

Faux Pop Tarts/ Toaster Pastries

Cupid the Dog Fridge Magnet

Look how cute Cupid (I named him that) the fridge magnet is especially combined with the teacloths I made earlier. I know that I said that I was only going to make my holiday decorations this year but it came from Dollar Tree! Who could pass up such a cute item for only a dollar?! So if your low on time or just not the craftiest person stop by Dollar Tree and pick yourself up a cute little pup!


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