Saturday, January 14, 2012

Faux Pop Tarts/ Toaster Pastries

I've always had an un-natural obsession with play food. While my love of miniature chow seemed to bother my DH I have openly dreamed of the day when I would start a collection for our kids. Several years ago when I stumbled upon the world of felt food I was instantly hooked. When my son finally came of age (to respect the artistry that goes into these little masterpieces) I decided it was time to go to work on his collection. Well Poptart's (strawberry w/sprinkle please) were always a fav of me and my sis so of course I was immediately inspired. Here's my ode to the this sugary-sweet, gooey filled breakfast treat.


tan felt
pink or brown felt
small colorful beads
coordinating thread

Step 1) Cut tan felt into two 4 1/2 inches x 3 inches rectangles
(you don't have to measure you could just freehand two rectangles)
Cut colored felt into blob shape to resemble Poptart icing

  Step 2) Layer one tan rectangle and colored blob, attach beads by sewing through both layers                    (excuse my dirty crafting table and the baby pain medicine.)    

Step 3) Layer both tan rectangles and sew around edges with a simple stitch of your choice ,
 Leave about a 1 inch opening to stuff the batting through.

Step 4) Stuff batting, use a pencil or pen to get into tight spaces if necessary.

Step 5) Sew the 1 inch opening closed.




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