Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smores Gift Basket


Now that school is in full blown mode I know mothers like me are looking for great teacher gifts. Why not try a smores baskets. This is an easy gift to do with young kids especially if your trying to teach counting skills.
With winter right around the corner and more leaves falling everyday toasting marshmallows would really hit the spot. I love this basket idea because it can be tailored to fit any appetite. If the intended receiver is gluten free, diabetic, or just a fine food lover just search your local specialty markets for great options. How about substituting regular graham crackers for gluten free ones or packing fancy dark chocolates for a foodie.
If your young ones aren't school age yet, don't fret. This gift would be perfect for anyone! I'm thinking Christmas gifts maybe?
-Marshmallows (I used regular and strawberry flavored)
-Graham Crackers
-Labels (Avery brand from Walmart about $1.00)
-Basket (Dollar Tree)
-Wrapping Paper (Dollar Tree)
-Cellophane Bags (Dollar Tree)
-Coordinating Ribbon (Dollar Tree....I <3 this place)
-Writing Utensils (I used colored pencials to match my paper)
Create Labels
Wrap Your Chocolates
Tape, wrap with ribbon, and add a cute label ;)
Place graham crackers in labeled bag
Count out marshmallows and add label
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Unknown said...

Shelly, this is so cute!! I have to try this!

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