Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tissue Paper Gift Wrap Purse

*Guest Craft*
So I haven't told you this yet but my family is probably one of the most creative in the world. In fact if there were a reality show for super crafty, super innovative, super talented families we would defiantly win. At my dinner party last week (yummy Bucca de Beppos) my ubber creative sister Anna presented me with a gift wrapped in tissue paper to resemble a purse, because anyone who knows me knows I love anything ultra girly. I instantly knew that I wanted her to do a tutorial for my blog. I mean who doesn't love a chic (and cheap) gift wrap option!

You'll Need:
1-2 Sheets tissue paper
1 sheet tissue paper in contrasting color/print
rhinestones or buttons

1) Place box face down on tissue paper. If you are wrapping a large sized box tape to pieces together like in photo. Tape one end of the tissue paper to the box to secure.


2) Flipping box over bring tissue paper around to the front.


3) Measure to the end of box and then trim. (This end will become the flap of the purse)

4) Fold both ends to the middle forming a point and tape to secure.

 5) Trim excess

6) Tape closed

7) Cut circle out of contrasting

8) Fold circle in half,
roll center, tape.

9) Using contrasting paper again trim a length of tissue paper. Fold both ends of paper
to a point.

10) Attach pointed ends to the sides of the box.

11) Attach rhinestone or buttons to finish the faux bag.



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