Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conversation Hearts Tea Towels

I have always loved Valentine's Day. I don't know if its because my birthday is only 5 short days away or because of the love that's always in the air. Me being crafty I decided that for every holiday this year I'm going to make my decorations and even some of the gifts. Yeap that's right that means no more going to the store and spend way to much money on things that proably wont last to the next year. So I'm starting off with Love Day in my kitchen. These tea-cloths are easy-peasy and even a pearson with little experience can handle this project.

You'll Need

piece of paper
(2 pieces) fabric 18 1/2 x 22 inch
fabric paint (I used yellow & white)
fabric puffy paint (I used blue & white)
sheet of paper
straight pins

1) Fold sheet of paper in half. Using your pencil draw half of a heart. Use scissors to cut heart shape out.

2) Fold fabric in thirds
3) Measure 2 1/2 inches from bottom of fabric and place the heart.
4) Pin heart cutout with straight pins and trace.
(sorry the penciled heart outline is very hard to see photograped)

5) After removing heart cutout and straight pins fill in the heart outline with fabric paint.
6) Let sit for 45 mintues or until dry.
7) Write your Valentiney-like phrase with contrasting fabric puffy paint.
8) Let dry

9) Hem all four sides with a straight stitch.

You can also thurn these into chair back covers. Simply follow steps 1-9 above and then fold the fabric in half so that the heart is in the front. Sew the sides together together leaving the bottom open. These would be great to use as place card at a Valentines Day party or everyday to get in the lovey-dovey spirit!


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