Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girly Necklace Onsies

I love my two boys (ages 6 months and 4 years) and all the things that come along with them. One of my favorite parts of the day is when my 4 year old and I continually chant that we are robots and speak in our jagged robot-like voices. Although I love buying new toy trucks and seeing my new baby boy blow spit bubbles I have always dreamed of and am still hoping for a daughter. Until that day I will have to live vicariously through all the new baby girls that were recently born to friends and family members. I thought this would be a lovely gift for my baby niece and another little girl at my church. The best part about this gift is that it is super easy to make and by using items that I had on hand the each project only cost me $1 (for the onsie)!
You Will Need
-onsie or t-shirt
-fabric paint
-piece of cardboard or other hard, flat item
-pre made or handmade flower
-coordinating thread
-Items with circular tips (I used a pencil eraser and the end of a paintbrush)
-embellishments (I forgot to take a photo of this item but I used grey pearls that I sewed on and flat-backed rhinestones that i glued with gem glue)

Place cardboard or other hard item between shirt

Fold back flap on shoulders of onsie. You want to make sure to paint under the shoulder flaps as shirt will stretch when its put on.

Try different methods of stamping on strap piece of paper. You don't want to skip this step. Use different amounts of pressure, vary amount of paint, and try different circle tips and different spacing to achieve the perfect dots.

Starting directly under where the flaps will be began making dots. Make as many or as few faux necklace strings as you would like. If you want you can mix up the dot sizes and even make them "twist" around each other.

Sew on handmade or store bought flower. Mine actually came for my Mother they are super cute and shabby chic and came from one of the American Eagle brand stores.


Add embellishments... This was a last mintue addtion to the project. It hit me like a mac truck...."ADD GLITZ" so ufortuntly I did not have it the in list of item that you'll need photo. I used grey glass pearls on the pink onsie and clear flatbacked faux crytals on the blue onsie.



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