Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unique Uses For Dental Floss

Here's my big confession.............................I'm a couponer.
Now before you start shaking your head and submitting my name to the producers of  Hoarders let me add that I'm not like the people that you have probably seen on TLC's Extreme Couponers. While I do have a very substantial stock pile I don't buy 50 bottles of mustard at a time. Though I prefer the dental floss picks one item that I often get for free is plan old dental floss. So I set out on a mission to find alternative use for this easily  obtained  oral health item. Enjoy and don't forget to floss!

Hang Things

Dental floss is super strong use it to hang artwork and pictures.

Slice Food

Simply wrap floss around your hand and use to slice through foods. Works great on leveling cakes before layering them just use a sawing motion. Use to slice rolled cookie dough, breakfast meat rolls, or cinnamon buns.

Lift food from a baking tray

 Cookies sticking? Try sliding dental floss between cookies and baking sheet to produce treats that Mrs. Fields would be jealous of.


Did you know you can use unwaxed floss to truss meat and poultry?

Remove Tight Ring From Finger

Wrap waxed dental floss from the tip of your finger until you reach the ring. You want to make the floss tight enough to reduce the size of the finger but not tight enough that it stops the blood circulation in the finger or causes great discomfort. Than slide the ring over the waxed floss.

As a Hair Accessory

 In a hurry and cant find a rubber band? Use dental floss as a quick substitute.

Vacation Clothing Line

Use to dry clothing while away on vacation. Simply tie both ends of a long string of floss to something anchored in your hotel room. The window area is a great option.

Garland and Wreath Tiebacks

Use minty green floss for a invisible tiebacks for holiday garlands and wreaths.

Silence a Dripping Faucet

Quiet a dripping faucet by tying a piece of floss around the opening and letting it hang down into the sink. The drips will slide noiselessly down the floss.


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