Monday, September 17, 2012

Seven on Sun(day)

For the last several weeks I've been desperately trying to organize my life. I've been going through one room at a time clearing as much clutter as possible, and I have ALOT of clutter! Blame it on my unquenchable thirst to try EVERY SINGLE craft EVER! (I really think I have a crafting problem). My life is full of scrapbooking, fabric, felt, preserve making, jewelry, and hairpiece supplies. And that's just my crafts. Lets not forget my massive couponing stockpile and clothing and home item collection. So if you are anything like me and need to de-clutter your life follow check below for some great inspirations. Don't forget to check out my organizational board and their links on PINTEREST.

Here's this week's Suburb on Sun(day)! 
All Things Organizational..


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